ABC Seventies Ireland

"Memories of a life time"

ABC Seventies Ireland

"ABC Seventies Ireland " is here to bring you the best Seventies Music 24/7 free to your computer/Smart Phone/Radio...We are now part of the Radionomy network,so please do get our new server link's for 128kbs stereo and we will also have new smart-phones app's later in the year for iPhone/Android/Blackberry and Window's Phones..If you are missing a 70's track let us know by email and we'll try our best to get it on...

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Non 70's Music see Legal

Smart-Phone app's 

New app's ..For iPhone (IOS)  / Android / Blackberry / Tunein Radio and Windows smart-phones all to download for FREE ..See links or smart-phone stores...(ad's may be seen/played on start-up,this is out of our control)